Let’s Talk … Shadowhunters


The long awaited Shadowhunters premiered on Tuesday the 12th, and in my personal opinion, it exceeded my expectations. Of course there were a few times where i hesitated, took a good look and raised my brows, but as the show went on, I was fascinated with Freeform’s approach. 


 Something that really caught my attention was Jocelyn’s sudden badassery in the show. She became mom then ninja wielding seraph blade. I don’t remember this happening in the first book –which i haven’t read in over three years– but it was something that i really liked. Another thing i liked about the pilot was how the main characters ages were raised a few years. I think this’ll bring more mature themes -ahem … clace, sizzy and malec scenes- and the fact that Luke Garroway is now a detective, i think this’ll make a cool perspective and mystery element to the show. The thing is, i can’t really get over the fact that the actor playing Luke is the Old Spice guy. It really just makes me crack a smile each time.

shadowhunters-cast-weapons Now the cast. A lot of people were unhappy with the fact that Izzy was going to be portrayed by a Latina actress, which is really unfortunate. Being a Latino myself, i was so happy and just her face gave fierce-Izzy vibes. I can’t explain it but Alec and Izzy just have this fierce ruggedness to them. I also was really happy to see Dom Sherwood portraying Jace. Though in my opinion, Dom Sherwood and Katherine McNamara have room for improvement in playing their characters. Their acting seems a bit rushed which isn’t necessarily their fault, it was how it was written.

The special effects is what you can expect from Freeform -which is apart of Disney-. They weren’t bad. I did like the demons in the show but the magic that seemed to appear then disappear was a little cheesy. But this didn’t at all take away from my enjoyment.

Something else i enjoyed was the dialogue. Others can disagree, as i’ve seen on twitter. Simon was just hilarious and had the total innocent and protective aspect that he should. I liked the small snippet we had of Magnus and i’m somewhat feeling meh about Valentine’s appearance. I love the actor they got to portray him, but again it felt rushed and out of place.

Overall, i really did love this pilot episode. I can agree that it has room for improvement and that it has great potential.




6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk … Shadowhunters

  1. Nisha @ BookaliciousBlogs says:

    Yep I agree there is room for improvement!! Have you watched episode 2 yet because when you do you are able to see subtle improvements here and there! I think the season will get better as it goes on!! Great Post by the way!

    • Endlessly Reading says:

      Thanks! Yes, I just got to watching the second episode. I’ve seen the improvements and I’m sure that maybe in the next few seasons, they’ll feel more confident in their characters. I was really confident about the Katherine playing Clary but I feel like she’s not as confident in her character. But that’s just what I’ve noticed.

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