Let’s Talk … Book Boyfriends


A few days ago, in the middle of the night when the insomnia kicked in, i realized that i have never seen any BOY book blogger or book lover ever have anything to say on the matter. But seeing that every reader, whether male or female, has strange and unique connections with the awesome fictional characters. So what is the problem of having a crush on a female or male character? The fear of being ostracized, the fear of being called gay or outed? Or is it just too extreme for you? What is it? 

As concerned as I am, all of this coming from me is hypocritical. I’ve never stated that i’ve had a book ‘girlfriend’ or book ‘bookfriend’. But I do have to admit that I have had crushes on fictional characters both female and male. And most recently, Becky Albertalli’s Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda has definitely given me all the feels and has had me swooning over two particular characters. 

I also have to mention how diverse this novel was. Simon is Gay and Abby is Black -these are only a few


Simon, the angsty protagonist in Albertalli’s debut, is my book boyfriend. I think it has to do more with the fact that I could relate to him a lot, that I began to swoon. But the relationship I have with Simon is so obsessive that I have become him. I can’t stop listening to Elliot Smith or eating Oreos. We just get each other. 

Abby, Simon’s new best friend, is just the kindest girl next door. I just could not not be in love with Abby. She’s just Abby and someone good to have around. She’s there for you, ready to stick up for you and just a damn good best friend. Who wouldn’t want an Abby as their best friend or girlfriend?

But back to the whole situation, I’d like to find reasons why guys just have never posted about it. And if you have, that’s just great. I just feel that this is strange to see this be a girl-dominated thing. Which is not bad at all, I just thought the idea of a guy not having a book girl/boyfriend was weird. 

Let me ask another question to guys who wouldn’t post a book ‘boyfriend’: Does this somehow take away from your masculinity? 




7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk … Book Boyfriends

  1. Josephine says:

    It is quite strange that we don’t see many male book blogger’s talk about “book boy/girlfriends”. Almost every girl blogger out there can name a full blown list of them! I’d love to see more male bloggers talk about this topic. I definitely don’t think it will take away masculinity, it’s just a bookish thing that we do!

    • Endlessly Reading says:

      I know right, I just wish I could see more guys participate in that! The masculinity was more of another question from a guy’s POV, but I love that you agree that it shouldn’t take away from your masculinity!

  2. SJ Bouquet (@SJBouquet) says:

    I don’t think having a book boyfriend or girlfriend can take away from masculinity. For me, when I have a character crush, it’s because I like everything about that character- how they respond to situations, their personality, how they carry themselves, their sense of humor, how they are under stressful situations. For me, a book boyfriend or girlfriend is a character that makes me go “DAAMMN you are well written and everything I love.” (for example: Nikolai in The Grisha Trilogy ♥♥♥) I admire the character. I want to BE the character. And occasional, if they were real, I’d date them. My real life boyfriend had a crush on Robert California from the Office. With every fiber of his being, he thought Robert was COOL.
    Yikes sorry this comment is so long! In short- I think you brought up a great topic of discussion, and I don’t think males having book boyfriends or girlfriends takes away from masculinity. You’ve just found something to admire in certain characters and that’s wonderful. Own it. Obsess. Don’t stress.

    • Endlessly Reading says:

      Thank you for agreeing that it shouldn’t take away from masculinity, now if only i could get a response from a guy blogger, that’d be great! And same, I admire and WANT to BE that character and it’s a total yes from me that I wish they were real because I hope I’d be their type! Thanks so much for the comment and don’t be sorry, it brings me great smiles to see involvement with my posts! 😀 Smiles all around

  3. Joey @ thoughts and afterthoughts says:

    You raise a good point, but if I’m to be frank here, a large portion you regard “boy” book blogger/lover ceases to really exist in the community. And if they do, they might not even know of that term. But that’s a big “if”. I watched a “boy” booktuber before and his expression to the use of “ships” (after being told what it meant) was met with a perplexed look (kinda like a “but why!? expression — if that makes sense). It might come down to what you really care about (and look for) in a book. Everyone wants and expects different things but I don’t think you can really blame them for being lusty over a magic system over the hunkadory male lead who is all dirtied and grimed up. It’s contextually not the same thing I guess is what I’m getting at.

    I flail about [book] bromances because friendships are wonderful and I have said I’ve a mancrush on people like Chris Pratt but maybe it’s the term itself (re: “book bookfriend”) that doesn’t hold the same meaning to guys as much as girls use it. Because if I’m being honest, when a fiction character is identified with this term…it makes me feel like the person saying it is SUPER thirsty.

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