About Me

Blogger by day….

IMG_2439Andrew, sophomore, is the entertainment editor for The Bolt Live and head of Endlessly Reading. Andrew Barron is 15 years old with bright ambitions that include becoming a published Young Adult author–best-selling or not, it is still his dream. Andrew practically lives at Barnes & Noble and cannot be seen without his iPod in hand because music is a religion to him. On the weekends, Andrew isolates himself from the world, lives in his pajamas and binge watches Netflix. Andrew is an awkward, nerdy and flannel enthusiast (although he only has three, he admires them all).

Writer by night…

As mentioned above, Andrew hopes to become a published Young Adult author in the near future. As a long time reader, Andrew himself has found his voice in young adult fiction where his stories have no boundaries. Currently, Andrew is working on a story he’s always wanted to tell:

Latina, vampire teen, Inez, not yet old enough to call herself immortal yet, is trying to get by in high school and hopefully land a role from the abundance of auditions she drags herself to. And seeing that she’s practically the only vampire in the city of angels, life is seemingly and absolutely lonely. But Inez’s semi-quiet, angsty lifestyle begins to unravel at the arrival of a vampire family, bringing a wave of bloody consequences against the backdrop of sunny Los Angeles.

As of now, Andrew is slowly getting through the beginnings of this tale, incorporating the Vampire history everyone is familiar with but adding his own components to the immortal legend. Andrew was inspired from his own Latino culture and his love for the immortal being that extends from cult classic ’80’s movie, The Lost Boys, to Twilight. Andrew is hopeful to finish the first draft by his 17th birthday, this coming December!





8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Shealea says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your Twitter — mainly because it had “Divergent” in it — and decided to check your blog out. And I’m so glad I did! I just finished reading a few of your posts. And I enjoyed them. 😊 Your blog is fantastic!

    Also, I’m kind of a black sheep too. I loved the ending to Allegiant as well.

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