Let’s Talk … Shadowhunters


The long awaited Shadowhunters premiered on Tuesday the 12th, and in my personal opinion, it exceeded my expectations. Of course there were a few times where i hesitated, took a good look and raised my brows, but as the show went on, I was fascinated with Freeform’s approach. 


 Something that really caught my attention was Jocelyn’s sudden badassery in the show. She became mom then ninja wielding seraph blade. I don’t remember this happening in the first book –which i haven’t read in over three years– but it was something that i really liked. Another thing i liked about the pilot was how the main characters ages were raised a few years. I think this’ll bring more mature themes -ahem … clace, sizzy and malec scenes- and the fact that Luke Garroway is now a detective, i think this’ll make a cool perspective and mystery element to the show. The thing is, i can’t really get over the fact that the actor playing Luke is the Old Spice guy. It really just makes me crack a smile each time.

shadowhunters-cast-weapons Now the cast. A lot of people were unhappy with the fact that Izzy was going to be portrayed by a Latina actress, which is really unfortunate. Being a Latino myself, i was so happy and just her face gave fierce-Izzy vibes. I can’t explain it but Alec and Izzy just have this fierce ruggedness to them. I also was really happy to see Dom Sherwood portraying Jace. Though in my opinion, Dom Sherwood and Katherine McNamara have room for improvement in playing their characters. Their acting seems a bit rushed which isn’t necessarily their fault, it was how it was written.

The special effects is what you can expect from Freeform -which is apart of Disney-. They weren’t bad. I did like the demons in the show but the magic that seemed to appear then disappear was a little cheesy. But this didn’t at all take away from my enjoyment.

Something else i enjoyed was the dialogue. Others can disagree, as i’ve seen on twitter. Simon was just hilarious and had the total innocent and protective aspect that he should. I liked the small snippet we had of Magnus and i’m somewhat feeling meh about Valentine’s appearance. I love the actor they got to portray him, but again it felt rushed and out of place.

Overall, i really did love this pilot episode. I can agree that it has room for improvement and that it has great potential.




Waiting on Wednesday #6 / Liars and Losers Like Us


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Breaking The Spine where we share upcoming releases that we are excited about!


Title: Liars and Losers Like Us 

Author: Ami Allen-Vath

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Publishing Date: March 15th, 2016


Keep calm and make it to prom night—without a legit panic attack.

For seventeen-year-old Bree Hughes, it’s easier said than done when gossip, grief, and the opportunity to fail at love are practically high-fiving her in the hallways of Belmont High.

When Bree’s crush, Sean Mills, gives her his phone number, she can’t even leave a voicemail without sounding like a freak. Then she’s asked to be on Prom Court because Maisey Morgan, the school outcast nominated as a joke, declined. She apologizes to Maisey, but it’s too late. After years of torment and an ugly secret shared with their class’s cruel Pageant Queen, Maisey commits suicide. Bree is left with a lot of regret…and a revealing letter with a final request.

With Sean by her side, Bree navigates through her guilt, her parents’ divorce, and all the Prom Court drama. But when a cheating-love-triangle secret hits the fan after a night of sex, drinks, and video games, she’s left with new information about Sean and the class Pageant Queen. Bree must now speak up or stay silent. If she lets fear be her guide, she’ll lose her first love, and head to prom to avenge the death of the school outcast—as a party of one.

Why I’m Waiting… 

First of all, I knew about Liars and Losers Like Us when it was then called, Prom Bitch. Which I was just as excited about then as I am now. I like the new title but i’d really like an explanation why Prom Bitch just disappeared. I personally think it’d be a great eye-catcher on a bookshelf, appealing to anyone. Other than that, i’m sure the book will be tackling mature themes such as suicide and sex, which is great because we need more books that deal with real life issues and experiences that teens -young adults- struggle with. I can’t wait until March … that is if i have saved enough money to buy any more 2016 releases! 

What are you waiting on this week?


Falling Kingdoms Readalong Announcement


Hello everyone! At the start of the new year, I had made some goals for myself which one was being more social in the community. With this I made a few new friends and I’m back today to introduce to you something that i’m very excited to be taking part of! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.01.57 PM.png

Falling Kingdoms Readalong
with the Kingdom Readers!

The Falling Kingdoms Readalong will be, well, a readalong of Morgan Rhodes’ YA fantasy series, Falling Kingdoms. The hosts are:

In case you don’t know, Falling Kingdoms is, in short, a young adult fantasy series that focuses on three kingdoms and four champions whose lives become intertwined in a war between the kingdoms

Though we are announcing this today, we won’t start the first book, Falling Kingdoms, until January 18th.

The full schedule right now looks like this:

Untitled design (1).jpg

Falling Kingdoms (Book One): Jan 18th- Feb. 1st
Rebel Spring (Book Two): Feb 2nd- Feb 16th
Gathering Darkness (Book Three): Feb 17th – Mar 3rd
Frozen Tides (Book Four): Mar 4th- Mar 18th!

Want to know more? Don’t have the book? That’s okay! Find the Goodreads and Book Depository links below.

Falling Kingdoms: Goodreads | Book Depository

Rebel Spring: Goodreads | Book Depository

Gathering Darkness: Goodreads | Book Depository

Frozen Tides: Goodreads | Book Depository

Feel free to join in at anytime! For example, if you already read the first book, join us on reading the second book! It’s also perfectly fine if these are rereads for you. This is a pretty relaxed readalong; we are giving everyone including ourselves two weeks to read each book, with a day in-between. The Kingdom Readers will also conduct a discussion at the end of each book so stay tuned for that!

Let me know if you are participating in the comments below!




Waiting On Wednesday #5 / The Geeks Guide to Unrequited Love


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Breaking The Spine where we share upcoming releases that we are excited about!

3P JKT Geeks_Guide.indd

TITLE: The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love

AUTHOR: Sarvenaz Tash

PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster BFYR

PUBLISHING DATE: June 14th, 2016

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy…

Archie and Veronica…

Althena and Noth…

…Graham and Roxy?

Graham met his best friend, Roxana, when he moved into her neighborhood eight years ago, and she asked him which Hogwarts house he’d be sorted into. Graham has been in love with her ever since.

But now they’re sixteen, still neighbors, still best friends. And Graham and Roxy share more than ever—moving on from their Harry Potter obsession to a serious love of comic books.

When Graham learns that the creator of their favorite comic, The Chronicles of Althena, is making a rare appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con, he knows he must score tickets. And the event inspires Graham to come up with the perfect plan to tell Roxy how he really feels about her. He’s got three days to woo his best friend at the coolest, kookiest con full of superheroes and supervillains. But no one at a comic book convention is who they appear to be…even Roxy. And Graham is starting to realize fictional love stories are way less complicated than real-life ones.

Why I’m Waiting…

I first found out about The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love last summer and I knew I couldn’t pass up not saving a picture of the synopsis and cover photo. The first thing that really pulled me in was the cover. The bold fonts and the cover photo -which was taken in San Diego- really popped. The next was what really excited me, the pitch: Pretty In Pink goes to comic-con. Although Pretty In Pink isn’t my favorite -Sixteen Candles is- John Hughes is a favorite Director/Screenwriter of mine. Who else wouldn’t be just as excited as me?! 

What are you waiting on this week? Link me to your posts in the comments!


January 2016 TBR

It’s the first week of the first month and since my last post, I have to say I’ve been doing really well with my resolutions this year. I’m a random reader and i have to say this month marks a full month of fantasy, contemporary and paranormal adventures and romances.

2256132012954620  25430703

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I’ll be rereading two books this month, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and Velvet by Temple West. Unfortunately I didn’t post my reviews when I had read them. But, I can’t wait to delve back into these two because they were both on the list of my Top Reads of 2015!

Somewhere along this month I really plan on picking up a copy of Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn. Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda should be in my hands no latter than tomorrow because I ordered it on Sunday and I’m expecting it soon-glares over at mailbox-!

The Elfstones of Shannara, second book in Terry Brook’s Shannara Chronicles, is mainly my excitement for the show on MTV. The first preview was uploaded during Comic-Con, I believe and I could not wait to watch it. From the trailer alone, it’s going to be action/fantasy packed with romance and adventure, plus a dash of dystopia? I’m going into this book blind and excited.

And finally, a surprise read that has just been sitting on my bookshelf: Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I’ve got a surprise coming very soon!

What are you planning on reading this month? Link me to your posts in the comments so that I can stop by! 


Where Have I Been?


It’s been a rather interesting year and a year I am glad is over. I became friends with many and veered into the path of choosing to be happy, something I should’ve done so long ago. I’ve struggled with a lot, trying to balance school with practically everything else. Life seemed on the verge of tipping fully over the edge. But I’ve come to accept a lot, push things behind me and move forward into this new and exciting year.

As for where I’ve been, well I disappeared and appeared regularly on my blog. Not completely abandoning but not completely loving my blog. It become nothing I wanted it to be. I became autopilot. And when Sophomore year began, the love for reading dissipated and school became my number one priority. And some may say that is great but really, I lost a part of me. I signed up for blog tours, posted those and it felt like enough for me. It wasn’t what I wanted but it kept me as a partial in the welcoming community.

But then I couldn’t take not reading anymore. I couldn’t take not talking to my favorite people on Twitter or taking bookish pictures, rambling, shipping and whatnot. I missed it all. And the idea of needing help to pull me back onto solid ground came: I needed to find someone with the same ambition and passion for books as I do.

So, I have been slowly getting back Into reading. I’ve slowly begun the process of drafting a few upcoming posts, Ideas for creative projects in the future and what i want my blog to be.

I needed my spark back.

Turning sixteen a few days ago really helped. It didn’t help mentally or physically -only time can tell- because I’m still lazy, tired and nerdy. It helped because it gave me the push to set up a fresh new design, to interact with new people on Twitter and the want to come back with a bang. But a lot is easier said than done. So because of this, I am completely ready to come back and make my sixteenth year a memorable one.

I am rebooting my blog, looking to make it the way it should be and to create a space where I can be me with a few friends to help me. 

The perks of becoming my coblogger include becoming a close friend of mine, collaborating creatively, access to the blogs social media, stats for requesting -which wouldn’t be used right away since I’m kind of restarting- and If you live in the California area, meeting up at book conventions! 

I’d love to open Endlessly Reading to one other writer with the same high ambitions for creative greatness, and if I find one other, I might just choose two. The application deadline Is January 28th, 11:59 PM CST. It is open to anyone interested. 

Thank  you to all my followers who have stuck to following my blog. My sincere apologies to the all that time lost. Thank you to all my blog friends, old and new, thank you for keeping the spark alive. Andrew is back and ready to read and blog! 



REVIEW: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Author: Nicola Yoon
Illustrator: David Yoon                                                               Genre: Contemporary                                                                  
Page Length: 320
Publication Date: September 1, 2015                                                   Publisher: Delecorte Press                                                           Source: Bought                                                                       Rating: 5/5

My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.


Nicola Yoon’s explosive debut novel for young adults has landed her in a contemporary throne, seated next to other great contemporary writers like Rainbow Rowell and John Green.

A simple trigger can send Madeline Whittier in the hospital – or worse, dead. For seventeen years, she’s been cooped up in her sealed-shut home in Los Angeles, with her cautious-doctor mother and caretaker Carla. Madeline doesn’t mind the loneliness much, she has Carla and the many books she reads and rereads to keep her company. She doesn’t attend school, everything is through Skype chats and once in a blue moon, a teacher will come to her house. But the family that moves next door, ignites the want, urge and hope to step outside. Olly, he contacts her through IM and emails, through his bedroom window and a chance encounter and a few steps later, Madeline wants the world. She wants Everything, Everything.

Everything, Everything was everything and beyond what i had expected. Going into the book with high expectations and in hopes of finding something along the lines of John Green and Rainbow Rowell-esque, i found it. I found it all, the friendship, the first love, the family, the atmosphere, the story telling and the characters. I found it all and i’m so glad i did.

Madeline Whittier -Maddy- is eighteen years old and mulitracial. Being both African American and Japanese, she’s a very diverse character. Although she never ate sushi -because of SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) I think- she did eat Chilaquiles! Maddy was a very smart character, not only because of her higher educational classes, but because she lived and experienced ‘Outside’ life through books. She read and reread -numerous times- because she got a different meaning each time. She is also a very honest character, she never lied to herself how life ‘Could be Better’, because it wouldn’t, she lived in the moment.

Also, if you are a Lord of the Flies survivor (meaning: you didn’t die of boredom) so is Maddy.

Olly is the boy next door. He’s a parkour-er and a character who i identify with most. He wears all black, and a beanie -not to hide his ‘tousled’ hair, but his somewhat bald-buzzed hair-. I really enjoyed his overall character, his past which was still his very present strengthened him. But so did Madeline, she brought ideas and helpful things to say. They grew together, through the good and bad defying the truth to risk it all.

The story flowed quickly for me, short and sweet with small chapters and a handful of illustrations kept me fully immersed in Maddy’s life. But that ending had me flailing and falling over myself, because DAMN that was unexpected. Nicola Yoon pulled the rug from underneath me, but it didn’t stop me from reading! So if you haven’t already rushed over to your nearest bookstore, do so now because i guarantee you will be having all the feels!

P.S: Everything, Everything is also a #1 YA bestseller on the NYTimes