Review Policy

I am currently open to review requests from authors, publishers, or any other party. I will be happy to receive these requests by email at endlesslyreading99 (at) gmail (dot) com but only if I can see you’ve read and followed my policies.

This is a YA blog. I accept the following YA genres:
– Contemporary
– Mystery
– Contemporary
– Fantasy
– Dystopian
– Horror
– LGBTQ+ friendly books

At this moment, I am accepting self-published novels.

When you contact me, please include:
– Your name
– Your relation to the book (author, publisher, agent…)
– A synopsis
– The form of the book you’ll be sending (paperback, hardcover, ARC, etc.)
– The book’s release date

My review system is simple. I review honestly. I also use a numerical rating, and I always try to be fair to every book I read. The reviews I do write are posted here on my blog, on Goodreads, and on Amazon. I will post my reviews whenever I have the time to, and not necessarily the moment I receive a book. Please understand I have a very long reading list, and it may take some time for my review to go up. Rest assured that if I decide to review the requested book, the review will go up.


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